April 29, 2013

My first week was incredible. I’ve learned so much working on a series of high schools with the education group. From program layouts to design strategies to presentation techniques. I’m taking notice of how these small scale project strategies can be applied and benefit the larger scale education project I work on back in Miami.

I’ve explored most of the office and met great people along the way. Zack introduced me to his teammates on the second floor. They have a lot of passion and it shows in how personalized and busy there workspace is. Dulce introduced me to her teammates on the third floor and they do some really intense and impressive work.

Wednesday night I helped guys from the office with an installation for an exhibit. We disassembled, transported, and reassembled HKS’s 400lb installation for RETROSPECT. It’s an annual event organized by the Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects to introduce architecture to the community through three dimensional displays created by Dallas-area architects.

Southern, aka Mr YOLO, organizes Taco Tour Thursdays where a group of people from the office have lunch at a different Taco place every week. This week we went to Fuel City to christen the “new guy” to the wonderful world of tacos. Awesome tacos, even by Miami standards.

Friday night I worked in the model shop helping Bob, Carl and the guys in LINE and sports put the final touches on an incredible model weeks in the making. Bob also showed me his perfected technique of build shipping boxes to keep the models safe during shipping. Using gator board, a table saw and duct tape I built several transport boxes for model and presentation material.

I spent my first weekend seeing the sights including the grassy knoll at Dealey Plaza and hanging with Dallas Rockstars Oliver, Paul and Mary. Paul and Mary own a vegetable / fruit juicer and since I couldn’t fit mine in my suitcase they will be filling my healthy juice cravings. Checked out the Dallas nightlife and spent the night roof hopping to check out the views of the Dallas skyline. Beautiful. Checked out some awesome local establishments including Lee Harvey’s and Serious Pizza. Yes, the pizza was serious stuff.

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