Shrink Wrap

Digital Media

This definition approximates a shrink wrap for generic brep geometry. There are two steps: The first step creates a mesh from a bounding box and drags each vertex to the closest point on the brep. Andrew Heumann offered a similar definition back in December ( The second step takes the original vertices of the mesh and treats them as anchor points (since they are now ‘attached’ to the geometry). The mesh is then triangulated and subdivided and a negative pressure is placed on the new faces with Kangaroo. We wanted to test the definition on a complex geometry. For this we created a diffuse-limited aggregation in Rhino Script. The particles within this brep-bounding system become the nodes for the structure that are then attached through a series of struts. By finding the minimal surfaces of these struts and nodes, an efficient flow of force is found directing stresses downward through the structure. The exterior nodes of the structure become points that the shrink wrap goeometry latches onto.