Cafeteria Concept I

Forth Worth, Texas

The Cafeteria Concept I was developed around the need for an open, diverse, and bright space filled with natural light.  The space was required to be a place able to amplify collaboration opportunities between the administration and research areas of the private campus.  A strong radial plan exists within the current campus, which helped to drive the radial plan of the proposed cafeteria.  Utilizing an evolutionary solver to help define the roof form and overhang distances, the space was able to optimize useful interior daylight and keep the majority off solar heat gain off of the south-facing glass.  Through both a physical and metaphorical level, the building connects to the surrounding landscape through a berm and ramp, intended to bring employees to the roof of the structure for outdoor dining.  Due to the interconnectedness of the projects design, each component of the building was meticulously informed through a parametric modeling process to allow for ease of manipulation without having major setbacks in the construction schedule due to digital modeling and documentation modifications.