National Museum at Vestbanen

Oslo, Norway

With consideration to scale, form and space, materiality, and our environment, we choose to carefully address the surroundings with a free and open dialogue, helping to inform the genus loci, the sense of place. Speaking to the scale of existing structures, our proposed solution lies low to the earth near the Nobel Peace Center, in respectful respite, before symbolically climbing up and around to announce its presence with a cantilevered expression of hope and vitality. Drawing upon the surrounding architectural history, we speak to the depth and richness of local culture through the metaphor of the fjord. The physical embodiment of weight and time, museum vaults rise from the earth in clean and simple gestures, anchoring the space in which they reside. Like artifacts of a living culture, still waters of the fjord depths, these vaults cradle and protect the history and spirit of the people, lending permanence and order to the refracting dynamics of the spaces within and without the museum envelope. Light bending its way to the depths of the the fjord, the activity and life of the gallery and public spaces draw senses inward, closer, from beyond–offering glimmers of these depths within, a look into this culture from all directions.