Los Angeles Stadium

Los Angeles, California

For the Los Angeles Stadium in Inwood, California LINE was brought on early to the project to work on climate and ecological analysis, parametric workflow set up, and fabrication coordination of the exterior facade system.  Working earlier on with the design team, we were able to help influence sustainable goals for the project, landscape and create an efficient workflow between the architectural and fabrication teams.

System thinking, used to solve problems since ancient times, organizes individual issues into parts of a whole system. Systems thinking is a set of practices within a framework based on the belief that the components of a system can be better understood when considered in the context of their relationships with other components. Rather than focus on specific issues, events or outcomes, potentially contributing to unintended consequences downstream, we strategically construct systems capable of addressing a problem in a way that is more dependent upon interrelationships of components but also more resilient to external influence.

Resilience allows adapation to change. Systems thinking, by default, breeds resilience through the small overlaps of strategies inherent to efficiently-designed organizational redundancy. Although we cannot design for all unpredictable events, we can smooth the transitional disruptions of climate change, resource depletion and energy shortfalls.

For this project, we propose a careful analysis of ecology, climate, cultural precedents and contextual relationships to drive a cohesive system. Rather than limiting our focus to singular technologies or solutions, we propose the integration of multiple strategies within a systems framework to achieve goals of maintaining a temperate micro-climate, significant reduction of energy consumption through elimination of HVAC space conditioning, and enough energy generation to offset the reduced energy loads.