Fringe City Campus

Austin, Texas

Commissioned by the State of Texas this project explored new planning and spatial concepts for a corporate campus master plan to be located in Austin Texas.  Looking at the prospective clients portfolio of high technology and the desire to attract Generation X and Generation Z employees, the massing tied together a very active public pedestrian corridor.  Rather than becoming a cut-off and secluded corporate campus that has been traditional to the Texas landscape, this campus is woven into the existing fabric of the city.  The fringes of downtown offer many viable alternatives to both the suburbs and central city life, inhabiting the place in between the urban and the suburban, to leverage and contribute to the amenities of both while still having adequate access to multiple modes of transportation.  The concept proposes that the campus both disperse itself into the existing fabric and pull public and retail space into it’s central core, enhancing and blending the live/work relationship into a vibrant experience.  The stacked, pushed, and pulled massing creates unique meeting and collaboration opportunities, amplifying propinquity and encouraging dialogue between interior and exterior. Spaces were programmed to compliment other uses, including the adjacent city amenities such as food and beverage, retail, services and entertainment.