CHoR: Panels

Richmond, Virginia

In collaboration with Zahner Metals and HKS-Mid Atlantic Design (MAD LAB) we were asked to develop a screen system for the Children’s Hospital of Richmond (CHoR). The project included a parking deck on the third through fifth floors which were highly visible facades in downtown Richmond. These panels needed to be attractive, yet functional, taking into account interior lighting (amount and quality) and air flow requirements.

A parametric model utilizing Grasshopper for Rhinoceros 3D was created to explore the relationship between various hole sizes and the spacing between them. Taking into account variables such as air filtration, dye punch size, light filtration, and aesthetic preference, a range of punch sizes were found fit for further fabrication studies. In keeping with the metaphorical references to nature, the concept for screen and light quality within the parking garage came from the dappled light effect as sunlight is filtered through tree canopies in a forest. Extrapolating this information from the concept, a pattern was developed based on the camouflage algorithm used by the military to mimic foliage patterns found in nature.

The model was developed further to create a number of standard panel types, which included a minimum range of perforation patterns, panel sizes, and panel patinas but still kept the visual appearance of a non-repeating pattern. Utilizing the parametric software, we were able to find a range of panel sizes and types that worked within our system and document them accordingly for the fabricator. Utilizing Rhino we were able to send the cut-files directly to the fabricator, as well as submit files to our BIM model for full documentation.