Cafeteria Concept II

Forth Worth, Texas

The Cafeteria Concept II project was a design study for a client who wanted a gathering place for their corporate campus that would bring people together for collaborative opportunities, but still had warm and intimate spaces intermixed within the layout.  The formal moves were a direct result of existing entrances to the campus research and administration centers which came from the Northwest and Southeast respectively. In addition the existing pedestrian routes on campus, existing infrastructure played a major role in the placement, orientation, and ultimate form.  Utility lines coming from the central energy plant as well as existing vegetation on site were used to help form the mass, both to avoid and give uniqueness to the spaces.  The dining spaces were formed to focus each on unique conditions inherent in the site; the woods, the lawn, the plaza, and the research center.  A warm red-orange terracotta rainscreen was proposed for the cladding which carried through to the interior, alongside a pallet of blonde-wood panels that helped to create differentiation and a rhythm to the programmatic zones.