The University of Houston Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture will host the TEX-FAB 2015 event. The theme of Plasticity initiated in the recent competition will be expanded upon with a new series of Workshops, Lectures and an Exhibition featuring the winning project Plastic Stereotomy by Justin Diles. A symposium will kickoff with the Keynote Lecture by Ronald Rael, a leading voice in the expanding use of 3D printing in construction using a broad range of materials. Bill Kreysler will lead a series of talks on the topic of Plasticity as the industry partner in composite fabrication and the generous supporter of the Plasticity pavilion to be unveiled at the event. HKS LINE, Mode Lab, Andrew Payne and Kory Bieg will lead technology workshops in the field of interactivity, robotics, parametric design and digital fabrication through the weekend. Go to www.tex-fab.net more information and registration. Registration is required for attendees and the Symposium is free for students.