LINE will be teaching a workshop at this years TEX-FAB 4.0 conference in Dallas Texas at the University of Texas (Arlington). The workshop is titled, Beyond Pavilion Architecture, referring to the stereotype that parametric modelers such as grasshopper are purely used for the creation of Pavilions. This workshop will explore using the software against this grain for the development of custom tools that can be used to streamline processes within a project that may become redundant, allowing for more time to be focused on the overall design given a tight deadline. Tools include such processes as a stadium sports bowl generator, commercial and healthcare planning tools, fabrication elements, documentation and site-operations tools. The class will cover the full-range of an architectural project, from tools used in schematic design, fabrication, and documentation. These tools will be developed and demonstrated through a range of software, including; Rhino/Grasshopper, Python, DIVA, and Revit.

“This intermediate workshop will focus on the utilization of parametric software aimed at an integrated project workflow via the customization of software tools and components for real-world large-scale built projects. By means of creating custom components we aim to increase efficiency, profitability and productivity from the initial design stages through completion of an architectural project. We will explore, through case studies and hands-on instruction, the use and implementation of the parametric modeler Grasshopper, scripting platform Python, and BIM modeler Revit.”-Beyond Pavilion Architecture

This research is ongoing in an attempt to streamline and automate certain processes with algorithms that have embedded values built into them. However as grasshopper is more of a top-down process future research and development of these tools are envisioned to be generative, building the logic for the tools from the bottom up through smart agents, rather than a gradient of pre-determined steps in a grasshopper definition.

BIO: Jon Bailey is a designer in the HKS LINE studio, founder of the blog Archimorph and graduate of the University of Michigan College of Architecture. His research interests focus on the relationship between architecture, biology, and technology.

Ben Compton is a member of the HKS LINE studio and graduate of the University of Texas School of Architecture. His research interests focus on digital fabrication, materials science, and integrated project delivery.

Ryan Gathmann has 4 years’ experience in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. As a project designer for HKS, he strives to use innovative ideas and methods to deliver powerful results to his clients. He currently has 3 years of experience using Revit, Rhino, and Grasshopper to design multiple international projects, helping with the education and implementation of advanced BIM design tools within HKS.