If you are currently pursuing your degree, check out these opportunities. College students gain real-world experience through the HKS intern program. Our highly competitive program lasts approximately 12 weeks and is offered during the summer and winter seasons.

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Opportunities and Events

Our interns work hard and play hard. You can expect to participate in informative lunch and learns, including watercolor and sketching classes, project site visits, and even dinner at the president and CEO’s home.


“Interning at HKS gave me exposure to many things, but the two most valuable, in my opinion, would be people and experience. This experience can help foster friendships, identify mentors, and provide access to someone who has been in your shoes before and is willing to help you hone your skills to your full potential. At HKS, interns are 100 percent integrated into projects. They are given unique opportunities to be exposed to all aspects of project design, production, client presentations and even construction site visits.”
|  Katey McKaig, Hospitality Interiors   |
“My internship at HKS gave me the tools to finish and excel in graduate school. HKS opened new experiences for me in project design.”
|  Lizardo Meza, Corporate Architecture   |
“The internship program does a great job of creating a community among the interns. In a larger firm, I was concerned about not knowing where to go or who to talk to. The intern committee is a great resource for all of your questions. Also, I got to meet students from all across the country. We ate lunch together nearly every day, and many of the other interns that were are still my friends today.”
|  Jessica Rose/Spencer, Structures   |
“My favorite part about interning at HKS was the exposure. During the program, I could be found doing details, finish boards and everything in between. There wasn’t much I didn’t get to dip my feet into. Getting that exposure helped shape me into my permanent position after graduation, and it was definitely not like exposure I had received from any other internships.”
|  Katie Miles, Sports Interiors   |
“Interning at HKS opened my eyes to not only the inner workings of a massive architecture firm but also to the world of sports architecture. I spent my summer learning how the department works, what sets us apart from other firms and lighting a fire under a passion I didn’t even realize I had. I started out working on a spring training complex in Arizona, and now, eight years later, I’m heading up the largest NFL project ever imagined.”
|  Dan Trafford, Sports Architecture   |
“My internship at HKS was an amazing experience. There are so many incredible people who actually valued my opinion as an intern. This was my favorite aspect of the firm. I was not there to make copies and get coffee for people, but instead, I was given the opportunity to attend meetings, interact with clients and help plan buildings that were actually going to be built someday. At the end of the summer, I did not leave saying, ‘Look at all this cool stuff I saw;’ instead, I was able to say, ‘Look at all this cool stuff I was able to do.’”
|  Morgan Williams, Healthcare Architecture   |
“Interning with HKS not only gave me a true look and experience within the profession; it situated me with people who genuinely wanted to see me learn and grow. Through the multiple places I interned in and out of the profession, I had never done so with a firm as committed to the intern experience as HKS. The program roped me in and made coming back full-time after graduation a no-brainer.”
|  Roddrick West, Hospitality Architecture   |
“My internship gave me the opportunity to take the theoretical knowledge learned in school and be able to practically apply those concepts to real-time, high-profile projects. The most beneficial part was the experience I gained from working with accomplished design professionals who embraced the opportunity to be a part of my learning and development. I learned that while being passionate about the work I want to do is very important, it is equally important to have the right experience with the right people so that I could have a better sense of what the future might be. For me, HKS was absolutely the right fit.”
|  Claire Peters, Healthcare Interiors   |