Research is the essential ingredient of design that allows architects to create innovative environments based on the best possible information and insight. It provides the foundation that supports the design solution as well as the extra measure of assurance to a client that there is sound evidence and intentionality behind each decision.

Most important, it holds our designs accountable to a higher standard – enhanced human experience, environmental quality and organizational value made measurable through improved outcomes and a tangible return on investment. 

The research entities and initiatives are interwoven within the design practice including:

  • CADRE (our non-profit research group that conducts deep dives into research focused on enhancing human and organizational wellbeing)
  • LINE (our research and design team that focuses on cross-pollinating design thinking laterally, across all sectors, by the study and application of emerging technologies and methodologies)
  • Design Fellowship (our fellowship that cultivates emerging design talent, providing a forum for stimulating new ideas and processes to deepen the relationship between research and design)
  • Healthcare Fellowship (our one-year fellowship program that recognizes and encourages aspiring and talented recent graduates committed to improving the built healthcare environment through design and research)