At HKS, research enables our designers to create innovative environments based on the best possible information and insight. A foundation that supports our design solutions, design research offers our clients an extra measure of assurance that there is sound evidence and intentionality behind each of our decisions. We hold our designs accountable to high standards by committing to assessing outcomes, opportunities for improvement, and tangible return on investment. We believe that informed intent, and meaningful (and measurable) impact, are core tenets of responsible design and innovative practice.


The HKS Lab is a dedicated space on the seventh floor of our Dallas headquarters devoted to exploring, generating ideas, and advancing design through research. Comprising nearly 2,000 square feet of configurable space for prototypical investigation, the Lab is a place where design teams, clients, industry professionals and academic partners converge. Together, we connect systematic inquiry with creative thinking, adapting a think, make, test framework.  To learn more about the HKS Lab, contact


LINE, the Laboratory for Intensive Exploration, is an HKS design research team that focuses on the intersection between emerging technologies and architectural methodologies. LINE seeks to elevate modes of architectural production through intensive explorations in systems, materiality, processes and toolsets.

The Idea Fellowship

The Idea Fellowship is a year-long program open to all HKS employees. The fellowship funds research that’s born in designers’ curiosity and grounded in our design philosophy. This year, we awarded three winning teams 365 days and 800 hours to devote to research that began with the question, “What if?” Click here to read more about the program and to see the findings of the 2016 HKS Idea Fellows.

The Design Fellowship

The Design Fellowship is an annual design exercise that brings together designers from across HKS to explore big ideas, stimulate new thinking, and enhance methodology. The purpose of the Design Fellowship is to enhance the quality of design at HKS, and cultivate emerging design talent. In 2017, The Design Fellowship will explore global issues that pose risks to human civilization and ecological systems. 

The Health Fellowship

The Health Fellowship is a one-year program that recognizes recent graduates committed to improving health environments through design and research. This full-time, entry level position is designed to create an impactful and tailored first-year experience, encouraging the growth of a young architect in the field of health design. After their fellowship year, former fellows are challenged to become leaders within the HKS Health Group and the health design industry. Click here to learn more about the findings of our 2016 Health Fellowship recipient, Kaitlyn Badlato.  


CADRE, the (Center for Advanced Design Research and Evaluation, is a non-profit research group established by HKS that conducts intensive research projects focused on enhancing human and organizational wellbeing. Click here to see our most recent research report, Healthy Choices = Healthy Campuses, which explores how design can lead to better health on college campuses.