HKS LINE (Laboratory for INtensive Exploration) is a studio that operates as a research and design team, cross-pollinating design thinking across all sectors and industries. By studying and evaluating the relationships between emerging technologies and methodologies, LINE seeks to elevate modes of architectural production and construction through intensive explorations in materiality, process and tool sets.

In an ever-evolving profession, it is paramount to find innovative methods and processes of working to enhance the design of the built environment. To remain relevant in this dialogue, it is critical to be aware of the changes occurring within the profession with the ability to adapt to fluctuations and changes in the discourse, both professionally and academically. To be an active participant in the architectural dialogue – both professionally and academically – LINE is working closely with local fabricators, universities and communities.

It is the charge of LINE to understand, develop and implement these strategies across sectors within HKS. As our commitment to the 2030 challenge draws ever closer it will become increasingly paramount to define and implement sustainable solutions for our built projects. This will likely come in the form of increased simulation technology, algorithmic and parametric modeling, and energy analysis. As the encyclopedia of available software packages expands and the implementation of them becomes standard, streamlined workflows and integrated models without a loss of data will entail that we become accustomed to programming languages and how to further manipulate and customize those packages to meet our growing demands. With the introduction of LINE and HKS’ commitment to research, HKS is poised to be at the forefront of the development in these areas.