HKS Design Fellowship

The HKS Design Fellowship is an annual event developed to allow architects to tackle a design problem outside the day-to-day operations of the firm. The format of the fellowship is much like an architectural design competition compressed into a single weekend. Over the course of three days, the fellows – HKS employees from across the globe as well as university students – brainstorm, research, design and present their work to community leaders, professors and partners.

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Research Benefit to HKS

The goal of the HKS Design Fellowship is to cultivate emerging design talent, provide a forum for stimulating new ideas and deepen the relationship between research and design. It provides an opportunity for each fellow to break away from traditional project roles and leverage his or her knowledge in other areas – whether it is urban planning, socioeconomic research, human behavior or landscape design.  The compressed timeframe is a challenge requiring each fellow to think quickly and decisively and work as part of a cohesive group. The solutions that are produced at the end of the charrette combine dedicated research and problem-solving to produce ideas that influence how we as HKS can more positively impact the communities around us.