HKS is dedicated to serving the underserved in the communities where we live, work and play. Citizen HKS is a firm-wide initiative aimed at empowering employees to make a difference where there is need.

“Citizen HKS empowers employees to make a difference where there is a need through the power of design, volunteerism and charitable giving.”
|  Dan Noble, HKS President and CEO   |

Together, we’re Creating a Culture of Social Responsibility: Citizen HKS Expands to include HKS’ Volunteerism and Fundraising Activities

When Citizen HKS launched in 2014, we focused solely on providing professional services to design spaces for underserved communities in the U.S. and around the world. Fast forward to today: we’ve seen how volunteering and fundraising in our local communities overlap and integrate with our public interest design initiative, and it made good sense to organize all of the firm’s social responsibility initiatives under the umbrella of Citizen HKS. The graphic below illustrates how Citizen HKS has restructured to coordinate and manage how we Create, Connect and Contribute to make a difference in our communities.

Public Interest Design

Through the power of design and our commitment to 1+, HKS is committed to active participation in public interest design (PID) projects that help address society’s unmet social, economic and environmental needs, both in the U.S. and abroad. This commitment to service is rooted in our profession, driven by a deep-seated desire to solve issues on a scale that is larger than any individual project: public interest design is about engaging in projects that meet complex, long-term societal problems that have far-reaching public benefit.

Citizen HKS

Citizen HKS is about turning our shared passion into compassion and conceiving, designing and building impactful community-based projects, anywhere in the world, for deserving people. Citizen HKS is our firm’s response to PID. It is the tangible, socially-responsible facet of our brand vision, “creating places that enhance the human experience.”

Grounded in the fundamental PID principle that all people deserve to live in socially, economically and environmentally healthy communities, we are galvanizing our commitment to serve people and communities through public interest design.

By offering access to professional design services for underserved members of society, we’re fulfilling others as well as ourselves: we are all citizens of the world – it is our essential humanity that moves us to do good. As architects and designers, we have the unique ability to share our vision, knowledge and talents, creating settings that inspire to help lift those in need. 

Citizen HKS Guiding Principals

+ Provide design thinking to create innovative solutions for marginalized and at-risk populations.

+ Serve our clients in creating environments with unbiased access to all populations and to provide assistance in the most impactful ways possible.

+ Design with an egalitarian approach. We are here to partner with and serve, not to dictate and enforce design solutions.

+ Create design solutions that are sustainable fiscally, socially and environmentally.

+ Create scalable design solutions with potential to be replicated to serve other communities.