Enjoying our work. It’s what we strive for. We are vested in our craft. We love what we do. You are part of something here. Every one of us has a voice. HKS is not simply a firm — it’s your firm to shape.

We are a mix of experience and youth, artistic and pragmatic, risky and practical. The talent that resides at HKS is among the very best in the industry. To work here is to be exposed to some of the most preeminent visionaries in the world of architecture today. Begin your journey with one of the links below. And be sure to visit our profile on Glassdoor.

Please understand, we are able to accept résumés for posted positions only.

Who We Are

To those wanting to make an impact with design, HKS is the architect where focused people consistently deliver the extraordinary. 

We are passionate, knowing that people live in, work in, play in and inhabit the spaces and places we imagine and envision for our clients. We are responsive, understanding that we are in a service business and the vision is that of our clients — never ours alone. We are global, creating exceptional spaces across the globe through our connected network of offices and people. We are one, with tremendous talent across a wide spectrum of expertise, believing that the value of talent, experience and knowledge is multiplied when shared. We are thorough, balancing extraordinary design with technical expertise and construction administration backgrounds for streamlined, on-time, within-budget projects. 

We are HKS. We create places that enhance the human experience. Each and every day.


Professional Development Programs

The world is a 24/7 playground for learning. We live and learn. The HKS Xchange Fellowship empowers employees to relocate to Dallas; Washington, D.C.; London; or Shanghai, allowing them to be immersed in living, working and socializing in the host office’s culture. The HKS Design Fellowship, the Healthcare Design Fellowship, the Idea Fellowship, the HKS Global Design Council, and other you-oriented programs are just a few ways to get plugged in. We also provide continuing education opportunities such as ARE, NCIDQ and LEED study groups as well as HKS Toastmasters and A community-service-oriented firm, check out our Citizen HKS program.

Want to set your career roadmap? HKS’ professional development program, ELEVATE, allows you to focus on setting goals, accomplish those goals and hone in on what you’re passionate about.


“I’ve loved working at HKS for the past 24 years because we do very cool projects, I get to work with my very best friends and there is always something that I can learn from someone at the firm.”
|  Billy Hinton, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Director of Architecture, HKS, Inc.   |
“I’m excited to work with Citizen HKS, our community studio, to focus on vulnerable societies and communities and to be able to enhance their experience.”
|  Kate Renner, Associate AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Medical Planner and Designer, HKS, Inc.   |
“I think it’s a great place to meet great people. I’ve met some of my closest, best friends here. I honestly will have these friends for life.”
|  Ginger Grossman, Marketing Manager, HKS, Inc.   |
“At HKS, we are professionals. But, at the same time, a sense of humor and family are part of the culture. That’s what I love about HKS.”
|  Navid Tehrani , Designer, Associate AIA, HKS, Inc.   |
“They push me to be a better, more creative designer – doing more thoughtful and meaningful work. That’s something you can’t replicate.”
|  Lindsey Willke, Associate, Healthcare Planner and Designer, HKS, Inc.   |
“ There are lots of opportunities to succeed at HKS. If you have the drive to succeed, you are given the support and guidance you need.”
|  Nethra Ram Mohan, AIA, LEED Green Associate, Associate, Director of Visualization, HKS, Inc.   |
“It is all of the little moments in the office that really ‘make my day’ every single day.”
|  Angela Lee, AIA, ACHA, EDAC, LEED AP, Associate Principal, Southeast Asia Healthcare Practice Leader, HKS, Inc.   |
“I feel that HKS really cares about people and creating places that enhance the human experience. And, that’s the ultimate goal of architecture.”
|  Lindsey Waters, Healthcare Urban Designer, HKS, Inc.   |
“It’s the moments of looking someone in the eye, smiling and asking how they are doing. Or, joking about something that just happened. It keeps everything lively and happy in the workplace.”
|  Ashley Howe, Executive Assistant, HKS, Inc.   |
“I love working at HKS because of the diversity of our projects, the people we work with, the cultures we relate to and the places we go. It’s just so diverse. It’s a lovely place to work.”
|  Luis Zapiain, Arq., Principal, Director of Hospitality Design UK, HKS, Inc.   |
“I love to work at HKS because of the opportunity to grow and develop as a person and a professional. You don’t see that in a workplace every day.”
|  D. Alex John Jr., Vice President, Designer ǀ Marketing and Business Development, HKS, Inc.   |
“One of the reasons I like working here is they value your family. We have a holiday gala, summer picnic, fun runs, an Easter egg hunt – where your family can participate and be a part of HKS.”
|  Linden Urquieta, Associate, AIA, NCARB, HKS, Inc.   |
“We’re all treated equally and our opinions are heard. So, the fact that people are willing to listen to what I have to say … that’s why I like working at HKS.”
|  Lauren Raven, LEED Green Associate, Associate, Healthcare Group, HKS, Inc.   |
“As far as growing as a young architect, I’ve established myself with many mentors who genuinely believe in me. This is rare in the architectural field. But, I know it happens here at HKS.”
|  Roddrick West, Intern Architect, HKS, Inc.   |