About Citizen HKS

Citizen HKS aims to improve communities in need by leveraging design, community service and financial philanthropy. Our firm’s impact initiative, Citizen HKS is a global platform for socially responsible engagement. Through our work, we aim to improve lives and drive change for communities in need.


We begin each Citizen HKS project by asking, “how can our work improve the world?” Our Guiding Principles inform the projects we choose and drive our designs:

  • Create innovative solutions for marginalized and at-risk populations.
  • Create accessible environments in the most impactful ways possible.
  • Design with an egalitarian approach.
  • Create design solutions that are sustainable fiscally, socially and environmentally.
  • Create scalable design solutions with the potential to be replicated to serve other communities.


We challenge our Citizen HKS team to do more than design; we are looking to create stronger community connections through our work. During our annual Month of Service, each of our 23 global offices selects a service project – often more than one – and our teams fan out on evenings and weekends in support of a cause. We raise money for worthy non-profits, hammer nails to repair a home or paint a school, teach kids, make and serve meals, clean beaches, plant trees or volunteer in an orphanage or garden.


Finally, we challenge our Citizen HKS team members to make financial contributions to our shared commitments. We see fundraising campaigns as another an opportunity to engage our staff on a humanitarian level, connecting us to something larger than ourselves.

In 2016, we launched Kachumbala Rising, a campaign that raised $50,000 to help complete the Kachumbala Maternity Unit, a maternity hospital in a critically underserved community in Uganda. Our original goal was $30,000. Scheduled to open in fall 2017, the project was designed and built in partnership with Engineers for Overseas Development of Wales, and our collective efforts were recently recognized by Fast Company as a World-Changing
Idea in Health.

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To learn more or get involved, please contact: citizenhks@hksinc.com