We believe in a proactive approach to design. Our research team conducts and disseminates evidence-informed and comparative research worldwide, allowing our teams to create operationally efficient and effective architecture. Our not-for-profit Center for Advanced Design Research and Evaluation (CADRE) facilitates and supports our research efforts.

President, CADRE

Tom founded the Center for Advanced Design Research and Evaluation (CADRE) to develop and implement relevant original research. A principal with HKS and president of CADRE, his research focus is in the areas of architectural and engineering design solutions with a concern for the end user experience. Harvey believes occupant well-being and user-effectiveness are critical in creating design solutions. Throughout his 35-year healthcare architecture career, he has influenced the healthcare environment with design research studies that reveal how architecture affects safety and patient visibility; improves patient outcomes and satisfaction; increases operating efficiencies; reduces nurse walking distances; simplifies design and reduces costs – while providing the highest standard of care.