August 19, 2016

Melissa Williams, HKS Salt Lake City

Hi everyone, Melissa Williams here in London for the Q3 Xchange! I’m a Utah transplant (originally from the Midwest), and you can normally find me in our Salt Lake City office. However, for the third quarter of this year, HKS has given me the opportunity to experience our firm abroad in the incredible city of London. I arrived just over a month ago to the Chelsea flat in proper London style—jetlagged in the back of a black cab—and was welcomed to my new home by Natasha Kemp. Previous London ‘Xchangers’ had clued me in about the poshness of the area, but I had no idea how lovely the flat itself would be. So, thanks to HKS, I get to spend the next three months living in the heart of Central London on the banks of the Thames, in easily the nicest place I’ve ever lived.