May 21, 2014

This spring, members of our Washington, D.C. Office participated in the Washington Architectural Foundation’s “Architecture in the Schools” (AIS) – a program that pairs volunteer architects with local public schools interested in providing students with an enriched curriculum and an introduction to design.

May 19, 2014

I thought I would preface this entry with a bit of background. I came to London from Indianapolis where I have lived my entire life, at a population of 850,000. The office there is comprised of interiors, and I currently focus on Education and Healthcare projects. Prior to joining HKS, I was a designer with a local furniture dealership. This snippet of my background may give some insight as to the frame of reference from which I write.

May 10, 2014

“Dallas grows on you” said a former New Yorker friend who has lived in Dallas for just about 2 years now. When a New Yorker confesses that, you instantly know there is merit to the weighty claim, even though it seemed misplaced for my first impressions of the city.