April 27, 2014

When the sun set on the previous chapter of the Young Groundbreaker's epic tale, the story's main character was riding through the unknown Chinese landscape on a scavenger hunt of sorts. Sent by his leader, Chairman Ling, the impressionable sojourner found himself on a voyage deep into the heart of China, armed only with the One Firm mantra echoing within his heart. At the onset of the journey, although uncertainty gripped him, the Young Groundbreaker was confident he could accomplish anything if he simply screamed One Firm loud enough. Now, after a dive headfirst into the adventure set before him, the Young groundbreaker was wiry, tired, and shaken. Sitting in a park surrounded by a flurry of Chinese senior citizens doing their daily tai chi, the Young Groundbreaker began to ponder what One Firm truly meant. The young groundbreaker focussed his gaze on the smiling faces of the tai chi practitioners swirling around him. Their movements were entirely free, filled with creativity, yet uniform. Each seemed to express themselves fully, yet their creative individual movements flowed together to create an even more beautiful display of grace than any one person could have done on their own. The Young Groundbreaker understood. This was the underlying ideal of the motto he held so dear. One Firm is not a phrase meant to be yelled by one person, it is a battle cry meant to be the creative dance of a collective group of passionate individuals. Moving in unison, yet with complete creativity, together a group of smart, never arrogant, passionate, engaging, responsive groundbreakers could bring beauty to the world around them.