July 8, 2014

Brinda Sengupta

Growing numbers of privately owned automobiles, pollution, and congestion have helped governments in cities across India realize the need for better mass transport systems. Cities like Delhi are now making substantial investments to improve existing systems and implement new measures. However, even as Delhi is investing in rail and bus lines, “last mile connectivity” – connecting people from their homes to transport hubs – remains an area of concern and neglect for the city and the country as a whole. This lack of affordable and safe last-mile connectivity has created a situation in which the poorest, who rely most on mass transport, are the very people that are having the hardest time reaching safe, sustainable, affordable transport options.

July 7, 2014

Two Dallas HKS employees recently spoke about the Architectural and Structural Engineering fields at the 3rd annual Bronze Blitz sleepover. The Perot Museum of Science set the best stage for Pilar Guerrero and Janelle Splinter to talk about how mathematics, computer programs and engineering is used on a day to day basis. The interview included questions about the best part of their job and the not so glamorous aspects too. The girl scouts as well as their parents were very engaged and able to learn more about the processes and critical thinking the design team goes through in order to design a building. HKS has maintained a valued relationship with the Girl Scouts here in the Dallas area. HKS Dallas has participated in several of the Girl Scouts STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related programs, such as the Cookie Box Creation competition.

July 7, 2014

By Emily Miros, Alex Near, Kate Weber, and Kathryn Stouffer

Whether dining at Hospitality Sweet or picnicking at the Arboretum, these interns have found a way to involve food & friendship.

June 6, 2014

These past two months have flown by! It’s crazy how fast it goes… but nonetheless it’s been an amazing experience. I was also fortunate enough to be accompanied by my lovely girlfriend who took a four month leave of absence from her job to also embark on this exciting journey and experience Asia. We packed our entire apartment into a little 8x10 storage unit and made our way to China.

May 21, 2014

This spring, members of our Washington, D.C. Office participated in the Washington Architectural Foundation’s “Architecture in the Schools” (AIS) – a program that pairs volunteer architects with local public schools interested in providing students with an enriched curriculum and an introduction to design.

May 19, 2014

I thought I would preface this entry with a bit of background. I came to London from Indianapolis where I have lived my entire life, at a population of 850,000. The office there is comprised of interiors, and I currently focus on Education and Healthcare projects. Prior to joining HKS, I was a designer with a local furniture dealership. This snippet of my background may give some insight as to the frame of reference from which I write.

May 10, 2014

“Dallas grows on you” said a former New Yorker friend who has lived in Dallas for just about 2 years now. When a New Yorker confesses that, you instantly know there is merit to the weighty claim, even though it seemed misplaced for my first impressions of the city.

April 27, 2014

When the sun set on the previous chapter of the Young Groundbreaker's epic tale, the story's main character was riding through the unknown Chinese landscape on a scavenger hunt of sorts. Sent by his leader, Chairman Ling, the impressionable sojourner found himself on a voyage deep into the heart of China, armed only with the One Firm mantra echoing within his heart. At the onset of the journey, although uncertainty gripped him, the Young Groundbreaker was confident he could accomplish anything if he simply screamed One Firm loud enough. Now, after a dive headfirst into the adventure set before him, the Young groundbreaker was wiry, tired, and shaken. Sitting in a park surrounded by a flurry of Chinese senior citizens doing their daily tai chi, the Young Groundbreaker began to ponder what One Firm truly meant. The young groundbreaker focussed his gaze on the smiling faces of the tai chi practitioners swirling around him. Their movements were entirely free, filled with creativity, yet uniform. Each seemed to express themselves fully, yet their creative individual movements flowed together to create an even more beautiful display of grace than any one person could have done on their own. The Young Groundbreaker understood. This was the underlying ideal of the motto he held so dear. One Firm is not a phrase meant to be yelled by one person, it is a battle cry meant to be the creative dance of a collective group of passionate individuals. Moving in unison, yet with complete creativity, together a group of smart, never arrogant, passionate, engaging, responsive groundbreakers could bring beauty to the world around them.

March 27, 2014

​Team HKS took home the People's Choice Award! THANK YOU to those that voted for HKS' Girl Scout Cookie Box Creation!!

March 27, 2014

As we get ready to gear up for our July 4th Operation HKS Cares packages for the troops, I wanted to share a “Thank You” letter from a couple of past recipients.