“HKS’s spirit of cooperation in providing leadership, design innovation, delivery and execution to our project superseded even my high expectations and helped bring our dreams to life. AT&T Stadium has proven itself not only as a football stadium, but as a venue for other sports and large entertainment events. It has been an instant hit— recognizable worldwide.”
|  Jerry Jones, Owner, President and General Manager, Dallas Cowboys   |
“We were impressed with the wealth of experience of the HKS team. Their total American experience in healthcare design, their vast experience in renovating and building new healthcare facilities, their ability to integrate hospitality into healthcare, their detailed medical planning meetings and their accommodative and understanding approach to deliver the vision of the KHCC.”
|  Dr. Mahmoud M. Sarhan, MD, MMM, CPE, CEO/Director General, King Hussein Cancer Center   |
“Our goal is to create an environment that allows students to be inspired by and excited about their careers [and] this facility makes students responsible for their own learning. We are excited about this new facility.”
|  Linda Anderson, Director of Career and Technology Education, Birdville Independent School District   |

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